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      The constable rubbed his chin thoughtfully, as though he thought this highly likely. "Whatdyemean by that," he demanded.

      "I should think it would be a very painful remedy," Fred remarked, "and that a man would be quite unwilling to have it applied."

      Oh, I shall be better, said he. Considering{131} that he saw me through an illness last year, the least I can do is to hold on as long as I can.


      "I'm disappointed," said Fred. "Pekin isn't what I thought it was.""Really," said Gregg, and grinned again. "H'm," he remarked, presently, "six wickets down, and all the best men out. We look like going to pieces. Especially as we're a man short."


      [Pg 34]"I wonder what they had for dinner that day," said Fred, with a laugh.