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      No; but we have heard of her, said Varley, standing beside the fire, and he read Simons note. The men stood silent for a minute in that intense reaction from a terrible suspense.Suddenly he laughed: "Now I know what I am! Miss Flora, I--I wish you'd be my pilot."

      He could make excuses for her, but none for Norman.[310] Against Norman his heart surged with a bitter fury and thirst for vengeance.


      "Drink to me only with thine eyes.""Oh,--all our general disturbance and distress, but the battery's in particular. You know its very guns are, as we may say, hers, and everything that happens around them, or to any one who belongs to them in field, camp, or hospital, happens, in her feeling, to her."


      "Nan, behave. Come here." The pair took the sofa. "How did he look and act when he first came in? Before you froze him stiff?"


      "We have a few paltry things, of course," she spoke on, "but barely would they pay half. They would neither save our honor, neither leave us anything for rent or bread! Our house, to be sure, is worth more than we have borrowed on it, but in the meantime--"