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      Injianny is mi dwelling place,

      "Shorty," said he, "these men are going up where the weather is very cold. I wish I was able to54 give each of them a warm suit of clothes and a blanket. I ain't though. But I tell you what I will do; I'll go down to the Quartermaster and see if he'll issue me a pair of shoes for each of 'em, and charge it to my clothin' account."

      Si Klegg Fell Without a Groan 113

      The boy could scarcely wait for the cooling, and his swimming eyes expressed a gratitude that no words could convey.

      While Hen Withers rested on his well-earned laurels, a strong, clear voice, whose owner was probably thinking of home and the shady gloom of the walk through the grove to singing school with his sweetheart, trilled an apostrophe to the queen of light.The Major looked them over sharply, and began a close cross-questioning as to where they were born, what regiment they belonged to, how long they had been in the service, what battles they had been engaged in and on what part of the field, where their regiment now was, its brigade, division and corps, commanders, etc., etc.216

      "How far is it to Shelbyville, Gran'pap?" asked Shorty.

      "Listen," he said; "the firing is heavier than ever over there toward the center and left, and you can see that men are goin' up instid o' runnin' away. It's Stone River over again. McCook's bin knocked to pieces, just as he always is, but old Pap Thomas is standing there like a lion, just as he did at Stone River, and he's holding Crittenden with him."



      "Here, I kin drive two horses, anyway," said Abel Waite, climbing into the saddle. "I've done that much on the farm."


      "Afore you go out, 'Squire," said Mrs. Bolster, with an attempt at coyness, "I want yo' t' do a little job fer me."